This company is running the first long-term national health study of LGBTQ people

We talked to Carolyn Hunt, the Community Engagement Director at PrideNet, to learn more about the important work they are doing and to understand the importance of June, Pride Month, to the whole LGBTQ community:

“Pride means not only a sense of self worth and confidence of being who we are, it also means that we can take all the rejection and discrimination and do something positive, contribute to our community and to society. Things in society have changed because people have came out to people that they love.”

PrideNet wants to ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people are included in health research. For that, they came together with their network of organizations around the United States to create PrideStudy.Org.

Pride Study is an online, long-term study of physical, mental and social health for LGBTQ people. And they also take action to engage the community on a major federal study with the same purpose, the All Of Us research.

Carolyn told us that a good way to show support for this community is to be aware and really listen to LGBTQ people when they come out. She goes on recommending a great way to listen to more and more diverse stories: participating on the Frameline, the oldest LGBTQ film festival in the world, that takes place in San Francisco from June 20 to 30.

To support PrideNet’s work go to PrideStudy.Org and AllOfUs.Org/LGBT, spread the word about it to LGBTQ people you know and subscribe to their newsletter.