Product Lab Residency

Win A Lab Residency Program.

6 Months of Workspace, Equipment and Mentorship

Worth Over $4,400!

With the relaunch of the Port Product Lab, we’re excited to announce a new Product Development Residency Program. We will select the best product or service to win one membership for a full-time, six-month Product Lab residency.

winner will receive

  • Free full-time (24/7) membership at the Product Lab, including access to shared workspace areas, equipment and member services discounts
  • Membership also includes access to the Port Workspaces coworking service and amenities
  • A weekly mentorship session with Product Lab staff ($100/week)
  • Exposure through the on Port Workspaces community
  • An opportunity to build professional network and focus on getting your project to the next stage​

How to apply

  • Application deadline is November 15, 2019
  • Use this application (form content below) to submit your application materials
  • Winner will be announced on November 18

Selection criteria

We will award our residency to the applicant who best represents any of the following :

Innovative approach

The product or service solves an obvious problem in a unique way

Local benefit

The product or service creates significant economic benefit 

in Oakland/East Bay

Product Lab enabled

Will make great use of Product Lab resources to advance meaningfully 

in a six-month timeframe