Black History Month: Shakira Scott – Your Local Yoga Dealer

In honor of Black History Month, we are interviewing some of our current members making a big impact on our community.

Shakira Scott is the founder and lead instructor of Your Local Yoga Dealer. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Shakira’s classes focus on fostering inclusivity for all ages, genders and backgrounds. After gaining her accreditation from New York’s Yoga to the People, her mission was to educate others on the ways yoga can improve quality of life:

“I want to encourage people to be healthy; mentally, physically and emotionally.

Shakira is an instructor for both private and group classes, where she teaches at least 2-3 times per day at a multitude of different locations across the Bay Area! Her style is unmatched, as she incorporates afro-beat music into some of her classes, which is extremely uplifting and fun. She teaches in a variety of styles, such as Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Effectively, classes range from intense conditioning to slow and meditative.

Working With Athletes:

In 2017, Shakira began working with Marshawn Lynch from the Oakland Raiders, which expanded her teaching technique to athletes. Further, her focus was on teaching players how to utilize yoga to stretch muscles for enhanced performance, strengthen flexibility and prevent injury. Since then, she has worked with others on the team such as Marcus Peters, Gabe Jackson and many more.

Black Representation in Yoga:

Shakira is an advocate for positive change within the community. After researching how Black communities were suffering from pain that could be prevented or softened by yoga, she was passionate about increasing Black representation in the Bay Area yoga scene. Specifically, she, along with the support from three others, founded Black to Yoga. It is a community yoga class where the instructors are people of colour. She was driven to change the perception and demographics of yoga practice, by offering affordable and accessible to classes to everyone:

“People of colour, plus size people, people who are in the LGBTIQ+ community… all people are welcome in my classes.”

Shakira is ambitious to destigmatize yoga as an out of reach practice to those who haven’t practiced before. Her work with kids, athletes and veterans are just the beginning of her journey to spread the wonderful benefits of yoga. She encourages, “There are no prerequisites for yoga. You just have to be a human being.”