Virtual Coworking – The Cafe

You can now take a virtual coffee break in your Member Portal by visiting The Café. The Café is a live, 24/7, video room for you to check in with fellow members and staff. 

The space is open at all times, so drop in anytime for virtual coworking support. Being in our physical space offers the element of surprise and serendipity from meeting new people. This experience works the same in a virtual environment. From saying hello at the water cooler to finding opportunities to collaborate with others, there are benefits to coworking in-person and virtually.

During days when you need to WFH, you can still leverage your coworking community at the Port to build community and social inclusion, spark new ideas, and drive innovation.

Community Managers Sabrina and Lisa will be in The Café from 10:00-10:30am Monday through Thursday. Join us for a coffee break and share what you’re up to!

Directions: Enter The Café by selecting “Virtual Rooms” on the left column of the Member Portal menu, just below “Meeting Rooms.” Accessible on desktop browsers (not yet mobile compatible).