Women to Watch: Molly Dowd of Wildshore

The month of March marks Women’s History month and International Women’s Day on March 8th. Here at The Port Workspaces, we wanted to highlight Women entrepreneurs with our Women to Watch series as they share with us their victories, their struggles and the snippets in between.

About Molly and Wildshore

We’re excited to feature Molly Dowd, CEO and Co-founder of Wildshore. A creative company that focuses on brand identity and strategy. Wildshore was born out of a series of conversations  about the future of branding and design, a field where Molly and her Co-founders were passionate about innovating.

After working with digital innovation projects in big companies such as Google, Target, Sephora and Tesla, Molly Dowd, along with her Co-founders; Larry Johnson and Chelsea Davidson felt they could use their experience to open their own creative company. Today, the company works closely with founders, entrepreneurs and marketers who are creating products that are impacting culture for good.

“I’m most passionate about the fact that we get to work so closely with other entrepreneurs who are equally as passionate about the things they’re building in the world.”

The path towards where they are now was not easy: “It does take a lot of guts and risk to do it and is also important to remember that success looks like a lot of different things, and for me, just having started a company is a success in itself”, Molly shared.

For her, the entrepreneurial path comes with its share of struggles, so it’s important to celebrate the small victories. “I feel like every single day there’s something new that I have to figure out, so a victory can be like getting in touch with an amazing company we want to work with, launching a new product onto the world or to get home in time for dinner with my kids, there’s a big range of things”.

On balancing motherhood and career.

“Balancing motherhood and career is very challenging. What I would say is for working moms, to be good to themselves – to forgive themselves and to allow some leeway in knowing that not everything is going to be perfect.”

In this case, she believes that having support from the family or from other women can make all the difference in realizing it is impossible to be perfect at all times, and that is OK.

A piece of advice Molly that she would share with her own two daughters is to be bold.

“Be bold in the decisions that you make, don’t hold back on the things you’re really excited about doing. I can say for myself there are some things that I look back and I wish that I’ve done and I didn’t because of lack of confidence, I didn’t think I could do it. More than anything I want them to feel like they have the space, the opportunity to do that, and to be unafraid.”

We hope you feel inspired by our interview with Molly and continue to celebrate your own small victories along the way – and most importantly, to be BOLD.